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Custom Baby Shoe - Michi Kimono-Style Baby Bootie

Michi Kimono-Style Baby Bootie

Michi Kimono-Style Baby Booties are a new design of baby booties, named for the shoe front's overlapping fold that resembles a kimono, the traditional Japanese style of dress. The name "Michi" was also chosen for these shoes because in Japanese "michi" means "road" or "path", which seemed suitable in a literal and symbolic sense. These baby booties may be worn by both girls and boys and are great for indoor play and stroller trips. They also make a special gift for mothers with babies or mothers-to-be. If you want to dress your baby up for an occasion or just want to try something new and different, get these Michi Kimono-Style Baby Booties.

These shoes are made to order, production time 3-7 days after payment received.

The soles for US size 3 upwards are all made with a fabric that has non-slip rubber dots and have a soft rubber insole sewn into the sole. This sole is not waterproof.

Shoe pattern designed by IThinkSew.com

  • Sizes US1 to US5
  • $15.00
  • Tracked Parcel Post
  • $4.50

Available Fabrics

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Example Shoes

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